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Help & Info about MEGASync for windows

  • What is MEGASync?

    MEGASync is a cloud-based tool that enables you to store and share information across a number of different devices. This will save a great deal of time when compared to having to copy these items manually.
  • Can I download MEGASync for free?

    You will be pleased to know that there is no charge to install this bundle within your operating system. Once you register, you are also provided with a complimentary cloud-based storage account at no additional cost.
  • How large is the file size associated with MEGASync?

    This program will require no more than 8.29 megabytes of free space. Such a small file size is related to the fact that the majority of your information (such as images, documents and videos) will be stored within the cloud environment.
  • How do I integrate a folder with MEGASync services?

    Once you have installed and activated this program, integration is very simple. You will first direct this tool to the folder that you wish to include within the cloud storage system. A built-in algorithm will take care of the rest. As the bundle automatically runs as soon as you turn on the computer, it can be accessed with a single click.
  • Is MEGASync safe for me to download and install?

    This software package has been thoroughly vetted to make sure that it is free from any potential digital threats. It is still important that you make sure that the files being transferred are not infected by any type of virus before they are transferred between two different servers.
  • Will MEGASync allow me to restore accidentally deleted files?

    In the event that you have accidentally deleted a file or a folder, you have the ability to correct this error. You will encounter a trash bin within the main user interface. Clicking this icon will display recently deleted items. You are provided with the option to restore any icon that was accidentally erased. If this bin is permanently emptied, you will not be able to retrieve its contents.
  • How frequently is MEGASync updated?

    Updates will generally occur as they are warranted. These may take place once every few months or within quick succession in the event that a software patch is required. The latest version (3.6.0) has rectified similar issues.
  • Can I download MEGASync on multiple computers?

    There are no limits in regards to how many computers this bundle can be installed on (cloud storage tends to handle most requirements). This is ideal for a business environment which requires a seamless transfer service.
  • Is MEGASync available for mobile devices?

    This tool is essentially designed to address in-house concerns associated with laptops and personal computers. Therefore, no version of this service is currently available for mobile devices such as tablets, phablets or smartphones.
  • Can I share my files with other users?

    In order to share files with other users through this proprietary cloud-based service, they are required to register with the service itself. Any existing members can be accessed immediately. Registering takes only a matter of minutes.


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