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MegaSync by Mega

Cloud storage is all the rage, but some offerings have complicated web access and force you to download / upload manually in order to save your files. Enter MegaSync. Mega has created their synchronization tool to sync files stored in the cloud to any number of local devices. Any edits completed on a local device is then uploaded, automatically, and backed up to the cloud.

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  • by Anonymous

    Used to give 50GB free, but now only gives 15GB. It misleads you by saying you gain extra storage through achievements, but that storage is only temporary, hence useless.

  • Hristo Mitkov

    by Hristo Mitkov

    It is fast, very useful and great design it has. Thank you, Kim Dotcom!

  • Kingfin

    by Kingfin

    MEGA is great. It has fast downloads and you have much more storage space then Dropbox.

  • Joe

    by Joe

    It does the job for me, the only issue is that I need it for desktop more than for mobile and it does not have a music player but it does have a video player... How does that happen??

  • Howard Burbidge

    by Howard Burbidge

    I used this in 2017 for an extended project I was working on and it worked flawlessly. I need it once again for a similar purpose and I am about to install the app once again. Windows 7 Ultimate desktop system.

  • Neil Wilkes

    by Neil Wilkes

    Load of rubbish - cannot even access online account.. Hopeless. It will not even let me access my free account. I get "ERROR: Access Denied". What a waste of time

  • by Anonymous

    worthless. not able to use. says that I have to wait 5, 6, then 7 hours because 5gb of data has been used in the last 6 hours even though the account was just created and not used yet. Pros: nothing. Cons: doesnt work

  • by Anonymous

    working!. works perfectly; no worries! go for it people!this version is 1.0.40. Pros: speed. Cons: nothing

  • by Anonymous

    not able to access files stored in megasync. it is useless. I downloaded. It worked few times and afterwords not working. not able to see files as megasync is not openng

  • by Anonymous

    excellent. it's good application i think it will better for u to upgrade this app (:

  • by Anonymous

    Problems downloading from MEGA CloudDrive. Problems resuming downloads, if internet connection is disturbed, you'd have to download from scratch.

  • by Anonymous

    out of competition !!!. 50Gb of FREE space, FULLY encrypted storage, nicely designed web interface and reach features... RECOMMEND!!! Pros: 50Gb FREE space. Privacy and encryption. Cons: speed can be slow time to time. not all linux distributions are fully supported

  • by Anonymous

    A useful secure online file syncing app with a very generous free allocatio. A useful secure online file syncing app with a very generous free allocation of 50GB of space. Syncs quickly, and allows setup on multiple devices. Works on tablets and phone too when used in conjunction with app. Pros: Quick sync. Security (claimed) Cons: Can't think of any cons

  • by Anonymous

    Great and easy to use syncing software for your Mega account.. Great and easy to use syncing software for your Mega account. Pros: Easy. stable. reliable. 50GB free storage. Cons: none

  • by Anonymous

    Its a great syncing program to your MEGA account.. Its a great syncing program to your MEGA account. I have been using it for months now i see no cons till now. Pros: sync PC and Mega account easily

  • by Anonymous

    As of Jan 2015, still DELETES your DATA... NOT safe to use !!! **AVOID**. ** warning: mega sync will cause random loss of data / deletion of files when syncing between multiple computers !!! -- do not use the mega sync client if you value your data !!! *** i feel compelled to warn others against this product, after spending ~6 months troubleshooting with javier in tech support (also note, they areMore